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Manage your corporate Internet access using one of our custom Linux based firewalls. McLean Micro will consult with you regarding your firewall needs. Once you select the features you require, you can leave the technical details to us! We'll custom build your firewall to meet your requirements.

Our firewalls can be configured to restrict access to websites or services based on the workstation attempting access, the service or site being accessed, or other flexible criteria. Unencrypted web access may be logged to ensure proper use of computer equipment and Internet resources.

Optionally, a McLean Micro Internet Firewall allows you to host your own website and email in-house, giving you more flexibility and control than third party hosting. Other services such as FTP (for transferring files) and VPN (for remote access through a secure, encrypted channel) are also available.

Whether you need simple internet access or a complete range of in-house services, a McLean Micro Internet Firewall is an efficient, cost effective solution.