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Computer Hard Drive
Data Destruction
McLean Micro is pleased to offer our data destruction service. We will destroy all data your data, and there will be absolutely no possibility of data recovery. When you use McLean Micro's data destruction service, you are guaranteed your sensitive data will never be compromised by others.

Why Data Destruction Is Important

In the digital age, the security of data has become of critical importance. The compromise of sensitive data can have serious legal consequences, especially if client data leaks to individuals external to your organization. Hackers, criminal organizations, and other unlawful entities constantly seek to obtain sensitive data that may be used or resold for fraudulent purposes.

One aspect of data security that is often overlooked is the disposal of media that may contain sensitive data. Such media may include computer hard-drives, optical media such as DVDs and CDs, flash drives, backup tapes, floppy discs, and more. Obsolete media must either be physically destroyed, or the data securely erased, before the media is desposed of.